What to Do for Morning Sickness

Before you decide to spend more money on medication for morning sickness, try the common sense approach

What to Do for Morning Sickness o To Help My Morning Sickness?

No one really knows for sure what the actual cause of morning sickness is. Most experts say it may be due to the physical changes your body is going through. And also the rapid increase in the hormone called 'human chronic gonadotropin', or hCG, along with the increase in estrogen, seems to coincidentally show up at the same time the nausea starts. But studies have shown that about 75% of pregnant women do go through this morning sickness, that can actually, last all day. For most women it starts at about 4-6 weeks into the pregnancy and goes to about 14 weeks. Some women experience it for even longer periods of time.

These body changes can trigger an increase in your sense of smell or sensitivity to certain odors which can set off movement in your now very sensitive stomach.

Remedies to try

Nausea due to smells

Nausea due to eating and drinking

Other remedies for nausea

If none of these remedies, or any others that you have tried, seem to work, talk to your doctor. There are anti-nausea medications and natural supplements that are available for you to try. But, it is important to talk to your doctor if you nausea doesn't subside. There may be other reasons for your nausea besides just the body adjustments. Good luck.

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