Trying to Conceive Fertility Friend Can Help

A review of the website Fertility Friend. This website is great for those trying to conceive and those who are struggling with infertility. The offer free and paid membership with membership being well worth the price!

Trying to Conceive Fertility Friend Can Help

Whether you are just now trying to conceive or if you have been struggling with infertility, you have a friend at Fertility Friend. Fertility Friend is a website community that offers both a free and a paid membership for users trying to conceive a child. Free members can use store and print an unlimited number of cycles of charts and receive detailed analysis and ovulation detection. VIP members receive a fully featured calendar, chart overlays, intercourse timing analysis, weight tracker, fertility status monitor, statistics, more in depth fertility analysis, cycle planners, conception advisors, ovulation predictor kit (OPK) optimizers, ovulation predictors, online journals and more. Perhaps one of the most popular features of VIP memberships is the access to Fertility Friend's message boards and buddy groups.

One of the hallmarks of trying to conceive is the concept of charting basal body temperatures, or BBT, to pinpoint ovulation. Each morning, upon waking, the user takes her temperature using a BBT thermometer. Fertility Friend allows users to record their BBT online then displays a graph showing the highs and lows. Here users chart their various fertility signs in an effort to pinpoint when they will ovulate, giving them the best chances of conceiving.

When a cycle begins on day one of the menstrual period, temperatures are low. Once ovulation occurs, temperatures rise significantly. While this data only tells that ovulation has occurred after the fact, over a few cycles, the user will learn approximately which cycle day she typically ovulates on. Combined with detailed computer analysis and alerts, the user can time her intercourse, or baby dancing as Fertility Friend users like to call it, on her most fertile days.

In addition, other fertility signs and situations can be monitored and charted such as cervical mucous, cervix position, menstruation, intercourse, ovulation predictor kits test results, pregnancy test results and medications taken. Taken together over a period of several cycles, the user learns a great deal about her body and her fertility.

Unfortunately, infertility and miscarriages are common problems on Fertility Friend. But here's where the power of this website and their VIP membership comes in handy. The community message boards are only available to VIP members but are a lifeline to those needing support, answers or just a place to grieve. On the boards, users can find others in similar situations, ask questions and find out more information from others who have experienced the same thing.

It may take just one month or it may take many years of trying to conceive but when the pregnancy test finally shows that extra pink line, Fertility Friend is still ready to serve with a link to their sister site dedicated to tracking pregnancy. Online friendships made while trying to conceive often become bonds that can last a lifetime.

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