Top Ten Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Every pregnant woman has needs. Their bodies are changing and they will have a new life to care for. Here are some gift giving suggestions I think every expecting mom would love to have.

Top Ten Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women gs you want to remember when giving a gift to a pregnant woman. First, you want to give them something practical that will help out when the baby comes. Second, you want to pamper them. Being pregnant takes a toll on your body, and you should do everything you can to be supportive. The ten ideas below will address and fall under one of the two above categories.

1. The number one gift idea has got to be diapers. You just never seem to have enough of them. One thing I would ask you to consider is buying stage 1 or 2 diapers instead of newborn diapers. The babies quickly grow out of the newborn diapers, and by buying bigger stages you can increase the length of time the new parents need to worry about buying more. When I had my first child I didn't need to buy diapers the first 3 months.

2. Erbaviva Pregnancy Gift Set: This is a perfect gift for any new Mommy-to-Be. The gift set includes the following: Mommy-to-Be Milk Bath (contains organic milk and lavender oils, lemon and sandalwood to keep your tummy dry), Stretch Mark Oil (contains carrot and rose seed to soften the skin), and Back Rub Oil (contains Roman Chamomile to relax your mind as well as your muscles). All the necessities for any pregnancy. Each gift set is wrapped in a natural fiber gift bag. I should also note Comfy Cozy has a 5 star merchant rating so you can feel safe and secure when ordering.

3. Motherlove - Pamper Me Pregnancy Gift Box - Gift Set: This gift set is absolutely lovely and captures the special moments of pregnancy and childbirth. It features several of Motherlove's most popular products and a special birthing journal. The gift sets come in four colors: tangerine, red, bronze and gold. Each set includes the following: Mother Love Herbals Lacquer Box 5\"x11\"x4\", 4 oz. Pregnant Belly Oil, 1 oz. Nipple Cream,

2 1/2 oz. \"Baby Me\" Bath, 2 oz. Birth amp; Baby Spritzer, 1/2 oz. Birth amp; Baby Massage Oil, Birthing Journal.

4. Poppy and Mustard Diaper Stacker: To go with the diapers you bought. Every nursery needs storage space for their diapers. Why not store them in style. Poppy Bird and Mustard Dog will conveniently and cutely store away the diapers. Imported from England from Mamas and Papas in a soft neutral velour.

5. The cheapest, but probably the best gift you could give a pregnant woman is your time. By this I mean making homemade coupons for free babysitting. You decide how many coupons you are willing to offer, but any will be appreciated. This way the woman can get a much-needed break, and she will know she can call on you if needed (as long as she still has coupons left). This is definitely a gift I wish someone had given me when I had my girls.

6. Gift for New Mothers Traditional Wisdom of Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood by Jackson, Deborah. Here is a description of the Book: From the Romanies, who tuck sprigs of rosemary under the pillow to ensure sweet dreams, to the Magar women, who use apricot oil to moisturize their cracked nipples when breastfeeding, this volume collects practical and inspiring advice for new mothers. Covering every stage of motherhood from conception through childhood, this title provides a wealth of surprising information.

7. Natural labor products gift set: This gift is perfect for mothers who only want to use natural products and who are planning on using the natural child birth method. The set includes the following items: Labor Ease Oil, 30 ml. (1 oz.), Natural Labor Companion CD, Labor Ease Tea, 28 g. (1 oz.), and Mint Herbal Lip Balm 7g. (.25 oz.), and the Hot Spot Labor Sock.

8. Pregnancy Pampering Kit: Every mommy-to-be deserves to be pampered from head to toe. This kit will help you from morning sickness all the way through labor. A must have. The kit includes the following items: Morning Wellness Tea 42 g. (1.5 oz.), Third Trimester Tea 28 g. (1 oz.), Earth Mama Bottom Balm 30 ml. (1 oz.), Stretch Oil 30 ml. (1 oz.), and Happy Feet 140 g. (5 oz.).

9. Sounds 'n Lights Monitor with Dual Receivers: Now you cannot only hear your baby cry, but you can see the different levels of sound your baby is making. A baby monitor is an absolute essential for new moms. Here is a description of the unit: There are two channels to minimize interference and for added convenience, a night light built into the transmitter for baby's room, and a low battery indicator Durable, flexible antennas allow for greater range and excellent clarity. And the receiver is AC-powered, or battery-powered for portability. Extra receiver included for greater convenience!

10. Baby Time Capsule-A Gift that will be treasured. This is a totally unique idea that gives you the chance to record your babies memories. The 23 piece set comes with a profile of baby's new world that documents the parents' daily lives, prices, fashion, the family cars and home, 6 sets of "Message To The Future" stationery with matching envelopes for friends and family to write to baby, 160 full-color acid free stickers to make a photo album or scrapbook or label videos and audio tapes, also a "How-To" guide filled with great ideas for what to put inside, storage suggestions and much more. You will have everything you need to fill this keepsake with memorabilia from your baby's birthday and first year. Finally, seal your Time Capsule until the special day of the future (the date you have chosen to have it opened). Also included is an 8" plush bear. This gift is gender neutral and can be used for either sex.

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