Top Ten Gift Ideas for New Moms

It's sometimes hard to find the perfect gift for a brand new mommy. Use your imagination and come up with a few winning ideas!

Top Ten Gift Ideas for New Moms #39;t find a the perfect gift for the new mom in your life? Look no further! With a little imagination and some knowledge of your gift recipient, you can purchase the perfect "new mommy" gift this year!

This article will explore several options for new moms; everything from stuff for the baby to stuff just for mommy.

BABY MEMORY BOOKS. These are a great idea, especially around the holidays. Every new mom is anxious to document everything the baby is doing! This is perfect was to do it! You can find memory books at a variety of locations, even in many discount stores like WalMart and Target. These books have lots of room to write special baby stats, as well as any other fun information you'd like to remember. There are places for pictures, of course, and even room to save some of the babies first things, such as the ribbon she had her first picture taken in, or a copy of his first footprints.

BABY HANDS AND FEET KIT. Most of us, at one time or another, have made the ubiquitous plaster of paris hand mold for someone in our lives. You can now buy a small kit that is made just for newborns or infants. This kit includes the plaster of paris and instructions as to how to use it. It is the perfect gift to give a mom and dad who want to have that little tiny footprint forever. Or, if you are able to, you can premake this for the new parents! Of course, finding time to do this without Mommy knowing may be very difficult!

SOMETHING FROM THE REGISTRY. It's trendy now to register for baby gifts before a baby shower. But, inevitably, not every selection is going to be bought by the shower date. Here is a great tip! Hold onto the registry cards you got in the invitation to the shower. When the holidays roll around, or birthdays, or whatever, just refer the card, log on to the store's online website and print out the registry. Most registries are accessible for a year, often two. And the store keeps the registry as current as possible. Did the new parents ask for a certain bedding and not receive it at the shower? How about a certain high chair or even toys? Here is the place to find exactly what they want and need!

EXTRAS! Another smart gift is buying extra of the everyday baby items that seem to endlessly need replenishing. Bottle inserts, nipples, bibs, onesies, socks. These are important everyday and those babies go through them!

SERVICES. Diapers and formulas can be delivered to the door of our new mom and dad. Why not pay for a period of service so mom and dad don't need to worry about it!? Get the information you will need to place the order and okay this through the parents, then sit back and let the drop-off service give your gift all year long!

FIRST AID FOR BABY. Any mom knows that a diaper rash or a runny nose is inevitable. With just a few dollars and a creative mindset, you can provide for a frazzled new mom and a sore baby at the same time! Simply find a cute basket in a gender-coordinating color (or maybe the color of the nursery?) and fill it with extra diaper wipes, creams for rashes, baby Tylenol (with the mini-dropper), tissues and maybe a cute stuffed animal for the baby. Tie a ribbon around the basket and you have a cute first aid kit that is super inexpenisive and extremely handy!

YOURSELF! Offer to babysit as often as you can. Maybe twice a week so Mommy can do the laundry? How about one Friday night a month so the new parents can go out together? Plan time to bring mommy lunch and help fold baby laundry with her. Volunteer to help with grocery shopping, or even cooking dinner occasionally so she can have some time for herself.

MOMMY'S DAY OUT. Many movie theatres have a special day once a week that allows moms and new babies to see a hot new movie without all the usual weekend crowd. Pre-purchase tickets for Mom and even offer to go with her to see the flick! Moms get to take the baby with them (often times there is no charge for the baby). Buy a large popcorn and a few favorite candies, then sit back and relax. Chances are, the baby will sleep through the whole thing!

MAID SERVICE. How about offering your new mom the chance to let someone else clean up? In an effort to concentrate on the new baby, allow Mommy several weeks of housekeeping service. Maybe you can pay for two or four weeks of someone else doing the housework? Mommy will appreciate the thoughtfulness you have exhibited, as well as the chance to put her feet up or even take a nap. By the time she is rested and ready to play again, the carpets will have been vacuumed, the bathroom scrubbed and the dishes washed! What a gift!

A NEW MOMMY SHOPPING SPREE. Now, when I say spree, I don't mean spree, more like a chance to buy a new top that doesn't feel so "mommy" or a new pair of jeans now that the baby has been born. Grab a quick bite to eat together and hit the mall - set a limit, this is a gift after all. But then just relax, push the stoller, and stop for tea or a smoothie. Take a few hours to catch up on what's been happening since the birth, spend a little money on your friend, and enjoy the day. It's a gift for you too!

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