The Dilemma of Trying to Get Pregnant

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The Dilemma of Trying to Get Pregnant

The dilemma of wanting to conceive has been a headache of a number of women nowadays. Blame it on your body clocks. Most couples decide to complete their marriage and produce a child of their own when their ages might be a factor in difficulties in getting pregnant. Well, we cannot blame them because they want to be secured emotionally and financially before an additional member of the family joins the family unit. Some reasons for difficulty in pregnancy are reproductive problems like uterine infections, irregular monthly cycle, low sperm count and viability and some other diseases linked to infertility.

The responsibility and eagerness to conceive should not be rested only to the woman but also to the man. Many husbands put the blame to their wives why they cannot produce a child. Before you point your finger to your wife, have your sperm analyzed. Sperm analysis will give you the following details: sperm count, viscosity, ph levels, fructose presence, motility and etc. The mentioned characteristics determine the chances of your wife getting pregnant.

A husband must support the wife in this type of difficulty. The couple may seek the help of medical science if both are emotionally and financially ready to do so. This treatment may cause a drain to your monthly income therefore all check ups must be planned accordingly. Women are most affected emotionally by issues of infertility thus lowers their self esteem and makes them cranky and agitated. What must a husband do? Show more love, care and empathy. Do not add to the emotional pain she is experiencing but try to help out and understand that to conceive, both of you must make sacrifices to achieve the dream of producing your little bundle of joy.

To this good friend of mine who has been trying to conceive, do not lose hope and always look on the good side of circumstances.

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