Preparing for Baby Before Conception

It is recommended that a couple visit their health care provider to discuss conception at least one year before conceiving.

Preparing for Baby Before Conception

So, you're planning to become pregnant? You must be so excited! Babies are cute and their little bibs, booties, and blankets are so adorable. Babies are so fun to play with and to shop for. However, along with the cuteness will definitely come responsibility sacrifice , and change. I'm sure you are probably aware of the changes that will take place after baby's arrival. These changes are often focused on. You may even have knowledge of all the changes that need to be made after conception takes place. Who hasn't heard of increased doctor's visits and vitamins?

While post pregnancy preparations are very important, you also need to be aware of adjustments that should be made prior to becoming pregnant. Conception takes place approximately 2 weeks prior to your menstrual cycle. Anything that you put into your body directly affects your growing baby. Since you're still in the planning phase of the entire process, you still have time to fully explore and comply with the needed assessments and possible changes to your lifestyle.


It is recommended that you and the father to be consult with your healthcare provider a year before conceiving. A thorough medical history for the both of you will be taken. This visit will also give you both the chance to ask your health care provider any questions you may have regarding health conditions, lifestyle habits, or other concerns. This will also give your health care provider knowledge about any conditions that may need further attention prior to conception. You will also be given a physical examination. Your health care provider will discuss the changes needed in your eating habits as well. It is extremely important to start eating nutrient rich foods to prepare for pregnancy. Your health care provider may even recommend that you take additional vitamins and supplements such as Folic Acid in this preparation period. Folic acid is vital to the healthy development of baby's brain and spinal cord. The complications related to folic acid deficiency occur very early in pregnancy so it is important to be ready.


Everything that you do affects your baby. It is time to think about everything that you can change to give your baby the best start possible. Many habits should be addressed such as smoking, drug abuse, and alcohol use.

Smoking is linked to many adverse affects in infants such as low infant birth weight, bleeding, or even miscarriage. Smoking is even related to increased SIDS deaths and slower physical growth.

Drug abuse raises the chance of fetal abnormalities, growth retardation, and miscarriage. Whether you're abusing marijuana, cocaine, or even legal medications , your baby is at risk. There is no set standard which regulates illegal drugs. That means that any substance can be added to make the drugs even more dangerous to you and your baby. Babies can even be born addicted to abused medications.

Alcohol abuse can result in fetal alcohol syndrome. This disorder can lead to mental retardation, birth defects, as well as poor fetal growth.


Complications can drive these costs up even more. Having medical insurance becomes extremely important. The bucks don't stop there! Your baby will need many checkups and immunizations in the first year alone. Knowing your resources ahead of time will help prepare for the costs.

You should also consider your employment situation. All policies are not created equal when it comes to maternity leave benefits. If you haven't been working at your place of employment for a certain amount of time, or are a part time employee, you may find that you do not have benefits. It is extremely important to know all of your rights.

Childcare costs can be staggering for a young infant. Weekly prices can reach hundreds of dollars depending on your location. You do not wan to leave your baby at an unaccredited or undesirable facility.

Baby accessories will also need to be purchased. While it is mandatory that babies travel in approved car seats, babies will also need feeding, bathing, clothing, and various other supplies.

Properly planning for your baby's arrival will make the whole process easier. Start planning for your baby's arrival before you conceive! These are just a few issues that need to be properly addressed. Now that you've read this, you can probably think of so many more. Use this time wisely. Happy baby planning!

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