Parenting Tips for Feeding New Babies

Feeding new babies can be an area of stress for both first time parents and old pros. Read on for some pointers to keep you sane in the feeding department!

Parenting Tips for Feeding New Babies

A new baby is a blessing, a joy, and a miracle. As much as one might prepare for this wonderful miracle there are just some things that will throw you, as the parent, for a loop. First time parents as well as parents who are old pros catch themselves shaking their heads and wondering "What am I going to do?" when a situation arises. I consider myself an expert in the area of new babies since I have had three in a five-year span. I have collected these great tips to ease a new mom's worries when it comes to feeding the new baby. There are a mix of tips for both breast and bottle fed babies.

Number One Important Rule Regarding Feeding is this: Do What Is Best For You and Your Baby. Period. We all know that breastfeeding is best for babies. But we also know that there are millions of babies who are formula fed and healthy as can be. Don't judge either way.

No matter what, enjoy the time you spend feeding your baby. Before you know it your little bundle of joy will be an independent toddler.

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