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Pregnancy is planned and if desired, is one of the happiest periods in the life of women. It takes 10 lunar months or 40 weeks or 280 days. Pregnancy is a period of life when future mothers or pregnant ones, gave birth to a healthy child capable of life outside the womb and the caution is necessary.

During pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to several key factors. The first is proper nutrition. Daily food energy intake should be 2000 calories (pregnant women should "eat for two"), in the form of high-quality ingredients, with plenty of vitamins and minerals, with more whole grain. These are mandatory black bread, integral rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, legumes, milk and dairy products, fish, veal and chicken, divided into three meals that can not be skipped. Necessary is fluid intake: water, tea and natural juices, and should avoid coffee, fizzy and sweet drinks.

Food in accordance with the control of body weight, which averaged at the end of pregnancy should not be increased by more than 12 kg. It helps regulate body weight and physical activity that need to be addressed during pregnancy, unless it is for some reason is not allowed. Healthy pregnant women should be moving normally. Pregnancy is not the reason for the hold. It is recommended to take a walk in the fresh, unpolluted air or swimming. Movement is especially important for circulation and to prevent constipation and the psychological state of pregnant women. Sunbathing is allowed in the early morning and late afternoon, with the protective equipment with a high UV factor.

General hygiene carried out by means of a neutral, clothes should be comfortable, not to interfere with circulation and digestion, comfortable shoes, made of natural materials, stable heel with 2 to 3 cm. You should avoid stressful situations, take enough rest and allow good dreams. Changes in mood is a common phenomenon and requires an understanding of the environment.

In pregnancy, should be specially noted, it is prohibited smoking and alcohol, and the use of drugs is always necessary to pre-consult with your doctor.

The course pregnant women are psychologically prepared for delivery, and experience has confirmed that this preparation shortens labor, it is less painful, a woman is more peaceful, calm and better cooperate with the doctor and nurse. Reduces the tension and fear of the unknown, and thus the risk of child labor.

We are here to provide advice from various sources as much as we can for informational purpose.

For precise information make sure to visit your doctor.