Okobo Our Term for Erectile Dysfunction

To make the term very easy to understand, my friends call it Okobo. I'm referring to Erectile dysfunction. ED is the inability to get or keep an erection strong enough for sex.

Okobo Our Term for Erectile Dysfunction

To make the term very easy to understand, my friends call it Okobo! In Ajegunle, Nigeria, Okobo is the greatest insult any one could hurl on a guy. Like daring him to go into an empty room with a naked babe and she comes out untouched. With a sneer, she'd say: " I told you he's an Okobo. He couldn't even touch my boobs. His third eyed snake refused to even hiss despite my fondling it." Other people simply say " he no fit do." It's like telling a guy he's an effigy of man. Looking like a man, yet lacking the substances and ingredients that make up a man! You would agree with me that the first thing to have as a man, would be the one referee and two linesmen hanging between the thighs. If you don't agree, let me see your hands up …yes…yes. Just as I thought, none.

The second, of course, would be to know how to wind up a babe in bed. It's simple arithmetic. You don't need to attend Cambridge University to make a babe moan and groan in pure ecstasy as she throws her legs wide to angle 90 to receive you. It's either you have the expertise or you don't! It's in-built, as natural as a virgin responding to the thrust of a guy on her first lesson in lovemaking. Believe me, no babe wants to get into a room with an Okobo. It's like being in a room with a fellow female.

When I was discussing this issue with my friend, Jude of Comet newspaper, he said I was attacking men. Can you believe such crap? I mean, if as a babe, you'd ever gone into a room with a guy and come out unfilled, aching and hungry, you'd known this issue is about lovers and not an attack on gender. Do you know what it means to expect so much from a guy's sugar stick, wait endlessly for nightfall, only for him to worship your boobs for ten hours and when you finally tell him, " bros. it's okay, get to the real action," you suddenly discover that the prince pleasure, sleeping in his boxers had not so much as opened it's stupid eyes in a droplet of a liquid? Please don't even force me to go into varying instances of the excruciating pains that comes with the discovery.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection strong enough for sex.

The guy gets aroused, wants to have the babe and ram into her badly but is unable to achieve an erection, thus hindering him from engaging in sex. This could make any babe sexually frustrated. It could make a guy to see himself as less of a virile man. I once heard that a guy who had such problem, shied away repeatedly from wooing babes, knowing it was only a matter of time before she'd say, " let's do it darling!"

Though some doctors have claimed it majorly afflicts men in their 40s, but other doctors think, ED does not have a particular male age or race it chooses to afflict. They however agreed that the disorder increases with age. When there is an injury or disease that hampers the flow of blood to the manhood, the situation may develop to ED. According to some scientists, mental stress, physical stress, and excessive consumption of alcohol, excessive use of tobacco, fatigue, and mental anguish concerning performance in bed or depression could cause it. I also heard that it could be caused by a negative side effect from a prescribed medication. Most of these types could easily be taken care once the cause is discovered. Diabetes , kidney disease and a hormonal imbalance could cause the serious ones. But sometimes, those identified as minor causes of ED could extend beyond the expected time.

Once you discover this problem in you, better run pronto to a healthcare professional before your wife begins to eye your best pal, husky neigbour or, worst, your cleaner. And that is, of course, if she doesn't move out of your luxurious home after a month of being starved of sex. You know, it is one thing to be on your own and feel horny but it is quite a different matter to be lying side by side with a man, feeling horny yet not getting the satisfaction your body so desperately craves. I can just imagine the lady, pressing her boobs hungrily and seductively against the guy's turned back.

The guy, who probably doesn't know how to tell her his manhood has fallen asleep, would sigh tiredly and say: " honey, it was a long day at the office, just like yesterday. The MD suddenly called an emergency meeting, that went on for…" And he drolls on till midnight, making the woman guilty for not understanding. The talk, of course, would be to make the honey well of the babe dry up. Cheap ploy if you ask me. Why not just come out with the truth? In this sort of situation, honest communication with your partner would be the best bet. ED could affect a guy's ego, perhaps even cause embarrassment and shame, but talking it over with an understanding partner who loves you, will surely help. A problem shared is one half solved.

This opening up to your spouse will make the reason behind the lack of love making obvious than for her to begin to imagine you having it with another babe. The good thing about ED is that despite how worrisome it could be and affect a relationship, it has a cure once you approach the right doctor. Please, my brothers, don't go to those so called experts that place sign boards depicting a man having difficulty in urinating or of a man that has gonorrhea. Why such places should be allowed to continue operating beats me. Does it mean it is only poor people that have STDs? Discrimination in America will never stop.

I heard some guys have used Viagra to treat ED, I don't advise self-medication. Better see your doctor first before taking any treatment. Moreover, Viagra is not too good for the system of all men, so be careful.

You know what? I've discovered that stories tend to fly into my ears even when I'm not interested in them. It was one of such stories that made me write a piece on ED. Yes, the story. I heard some ED are man-made! Did you grasp my drift or you want me to explain? Okay.

I heard a pretty young lady dumped her hulk of a guy. He was a church rat, of course! For a man that was loaded with dough. The man was said to have so much dough that he didn't know what to do with it. Did he discover a chest filled with diamond or machine minting dollars? I asked myself. I mean, how come he was so rich? But then, talebearers have this tendency to embellish to enchant their listeners. But yours sincerely gives it to you, the way it is! Don't you believe me? Anyway, the big society wedding was done without pre-marital sex.

Consummation night: The babe worn one of those sinfully, sexy, transparent nightgowns and swaggered into the bedroom. Mr. Rich Guy's method of not demanding for sex during the courtship convinced our naïve sister, she was staring at true love in the face. The guy looked at her and glanced away as he chewed on his lower lip. When sister saw the seductive wear was having no effect, she threw it off, baring two tantalising, pouting nipples. Our man burst into tears. He told her he used the most essential part of his body…the ebano…to make money ritual! Jeez! You say? Yes, Christ! Thank God it was not I. I would have said good riddance to bad rubbish! Imagine living with a man devoid of sexual pleasure.

God forbid! Never! Not Rose! But our sister stayed. She now has four children, from different men and Mr. Rich Guy is happy with it. At school one of those days when we were at the gossip centre, the discussion of who could marry a rich guy with ED for life and a poor man living in a room and smoking garri everyday, but giving the babe sound banging came up. We were many. Not one babe said yes to wealth without sex. See, then, it's a world of lovemaking. Tell me your choice. Riches without sex or poverty plus sex…