Natural Labor Remedies

Methods that can be utilized to get through labor without the use of drugs. Also, includes ways to natural induce labor.

Natural Labor Remedies

If you are planning on having a natural birth, then you surely have already taken some time to consider about the possible options that you have in regards to natural labor remedies. After all, just because you do not want to use drugs this does not mean that there are not things that you can do to control the pain that comes with childbirth.

After all, when you consider how many options there really are in regards to natural remedies while pregnant, it thus makes more sense as to how viable natural labor remedies are. For instance, morning sickness is one of the most common complaints among pregnant women, and although there are plenty of medications that can be prescribed, if you would rather go natural, then you should know that there are ways to help you in this regards as well. Some women find that taking 50 mg of B6 during the day helps to ease their nausea, for instance.

In regards to natural remedies for labor pain, there is a lot offered in this regards as well, and this would include that of the following:

Having Sex

This is quite obviously a natural labor inducing remedy, and this is without a doubt considered as being a favorite natural labor inducing remedy among women. The reason why having sex can help to induce your labor is because it results in causing your body to release a hormone called oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract. Additionally, it should be known that semen also helps because it contains a substance which is known as prostaglandis, which will help to soften the cervix.

Nipple Stimulation

This is another completely natural remedy that will help you to induce your labor, and especially for those who find having sex too difficult or too uncomfortable at this point, nipple stimulation may be a much better choice; it helps to bring on labor in much the same way that sex does, by releasing oxytocin, however this method may take a bit more effort in order to be able to actually start labor.

Complementary Therapies

What this method basically refers to is that of such therapies as acupuncture, massage, teas, herbs, and homeopathic remedies, as these can all result in being incredibly helpful in regards to being able to induce labor as well as making labor pain endurable. However it is incredibly important to make sure that you go to a licensed practitioner who has much experience in regards to treating pregnant women. You certainly do not want to go into someone who has never worked on a pregnant woman, because they may not know how careful to be, or where to massage for instance, and this can cause unnecessary harm to both you and your unborn baby, and so you just want to steer clear of this situation altogether.

Massage and breathing techniques during labor have been known to take the edge off the pain experienced during labor. Lamaze has been the most popular breathing method used and it is traditionally taught in most childbirth classes. Visualization has also been known to help when drugs are not being used during the labor process. To do this, simply picture the end result, a healthy baby, in order to get through the pain.

Labor is definitely one of the most painful experiences that a woman may go through in her lifetime. Yet it is important to keep in mind that the pain is only temporary and it will be far from your mind once you set your eyes on your beautiful child.

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