Maximize Your Chances for Conception

Optimal situation for conception: Good health of partners, measuring menstrual cycle,Sperm count, sodium level, positing during intercourse or seeking advice, from fertility institutions. Drugs are available to stimulate ovulation.

Maximize Your Chances for Conception ul times, in a relationship or marriage, deciding to have or conceive a baby. Either, that moment in time or sometime, in the near future, reality comes to fruition. Assuming, male and female, are in good health, conception is achievable. Once a month, female hormones, from the pituitary gland, stimulate ovaries, releasing an egg (When two eggs are released, non-identical twins) or ovulate. Unfortunately, irregular periods may decrease fertility. Fertility declines as a woman, gets older. According to National Center of Health and Statistics, women less than, twenty-five years old, have a 96 percent chance of conceiving. Women twenty-five to thirty-four years old, have an 87 percent chance of conceiving, and women, thirty-five to forty-four years old, have a 78 percent chance, for conceiving. Certainly, many methods increase odds of conception, by scientific and medical technology. There are many, pregnancy test kits available, provide almost 100 percent, accurate indication, when a woman, has become pregnant.

Suggestions: Increasing the Odds of Conception

Between, the time, a women has her period or menstrual cycle, a woman can get pregnant. Simply, count the number of days, until the cycle, has ended. Every woman has a different number of cycle days. The cycle days are usually 21 to 35 days. Day one is the observation of red blood, and last day, observing brown or pink spotting. Take total number of days, and subtract by 14 days. Calculated number should be remembered. However, when total number of cycle days, change, from one month to another, harder to calculate. From the calculated number, prior four days and two days afterwards, is the optimal time for conception. However, intercourse every other day (during this time), gives time for the male, increasing sperm supply. Using, an ovulation predictor Kit, provides a more accurate time, when intercourse, should occur.

Starting a day early, then calculated, reduces the odds of miscalculation. Sperm can live, in the reproductive tract, up to seventy-two hours. Thus, starting intercourse, beginning days of optimal time, increasing odds of conception. During the morning hours, sperm count is the highest. During that time or within time frame of days, couple should put aside, their busy schedules or agenda, spending quality time together. Certainly, creating a relaxing and seductive environment, in a peaceful, moment of time. Creating setting, by aromatic candlelight, soft music, and any additional, pleasurable ambiance.

According to, 'The Overachiever's Guide to Getting Pregnant Fast': "Approximately 60% of couples who are actively trying to conceive (having intercourse two to three times a week) will conceive, within the first 6 months of trying, 75% within 9 months, 80% within a year, and 90% within 18 months." Certainly, able to predict the ovulation period of time, helps couples, predetermine the month, child will be born (or multiple births), but certainly, there is no guarantee. According to the Chinese calendar, predicting the birth of boy or girl, high percentage rate of accuracy. Beware, a regimental conception, may cause stress upon woman or male, creating an infertile development. Obviously, exact length of pregnancies, does vary. Often, conception seems to occur, between February and May. Cold climate changes, seems to bond couples, closer and frequently together.

A woman's temperature is higher, during the period of ovulation. A Basal temperature thermometer measures minute changes, in temperature, and has range of a few degrees. When the Basal temperatures, is 96 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit, considered normal period for ovulation. Temperatures 97 to 99 Fahrenheit, time after ovulation. However, basal temperatures are not always accurate. Time for ovulation, will not always, indicate an increase in Basal temperature. Many pharmacies, sell Basal temperature thermometers, and available for sale, on the Internet.

Pharmacies, and Internet websites, sell male infertility tests kits. These measure sperm concentration. Test determines, a certain threshold, for a male fertility. Advance tests for male infertility, consulting a physician, for a semen analysis. Recommended, males should not wear briefs or Speedo bathing suits, may reduce sperm count.

Professor A.F. Haney, Obstetrics/gynecology, and chairman of obstetrics/gynecology, at the University of Chicago, Illinois, invented a watch, has a sodium monitor on the back. When sodium level increases, reflects the timing of ovulation. This occurs, when cervical mucus increases, and creates a more pliable and slippery area, facilities ease of more sperm, entering the female reproductive tract. During this time, prevolulatory rise in estrogen, lasting several days. The watch, referred to as OV Watch.

During intercourse, missionary position, conception is more likely. The woman should be, either laying down or kneeling. In this position, deepest penetration, places the sperm closer to the cervix. This maximizes amount of semen. Lying side-by-side, achieves the same results. However, provides a better relaxing position, when one of the partner's, is overweight or has back pain. After intercourse, the woman should remain in bed, laying on her back and elevating her pelvic region with a pillow, for at least half an hour. According to some experts, in this position, force of gravity, provides sperm additional travel time, reaching the fallopian tubes. However, those women, more likely, getting urinary tract infections, should avoid this position, and go to the bathroom, after intercourse. During intercourse, no conclusive evidence, a woman having an orgasm, will become pregnant.

Smoking Tabacco, changes the cervical mucus, may prevent, sperm from reaching the egg. Also, smoking increases potential, for miscarriage and causing birth defects. Second hand smoke or spending time, near someone that smokes, equally unhealthy.

Women, deciding to discontinue, taking a birth control pill, about half of those women, starting conception, will get pregnant, within first three months, and majority, within twelve months. Women having discontinued, using patches or rings, for birth control, have similar or shorter time to wait, than the pill. Discontinuing the use of Depo-Provera shot or progrestin-only hormonal method, (Delaying fertility), within six months, pregnancy is likely, through normal conception. When Intrauterine devices (IUD) are removed, usually, following first menstrual cycle, pregnancy is feasible.

Fertility institutions provide, advice treatment and alternative solutions, for conception. These alternative solutions include: Egg donation, surrogacy, ovulation induction, vasectomy reversal, and other suggestions. Also, drugs are available to stimulate ovulation, including Clomiphene Citrate, an oral fertility pill, and hormone injections. This technique is "Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation" ("COH") or "Super-Ovulation." Side effect, taking Clomiphene Citrate, women slightly increase their chance, getting ovarian cancer. Another drug, Pergonal induces or corrects abnormalities of ovulation.

Fertility National Directory lists (, facilities located, in United States. Opened since 1999, are 399 facilities. Also, directory provides information, regarding companies and organizations, helping to secure, financing or credit options.

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