Is Home Birth the Right Choice Pros and Cons for Home Birth

There are many pros and cons to home birth but is home birth the right choice for women? There are more pros to home birth than cons. Here are answers to the pros and cons for home birth.

Is Home Birth the Right Choice Pros and Cons for Home Birth

Having a baby is an exhilarating time for parents and even more exhilarating when the mother is able to do a home birth. Giving birth in a hospital is the usually what women want but now more women are looking into the aspect of home birth. What is home birth? A home birth is the delivery of a baby by women who plan the delivery in her home with the aid of a midwife. Women choose this route because it makes them feel more at ease when delivering their baby and it makes a great story to tell their children when they are older.

With any delivery of a baby, whether in a hospital setting or a home birth there are risks to take into consideration. A home birth has both pros and cons so this begs the question is home birth the right choice.

The Pros of Home Birth

A huge advantage to home birth is the woman does not have to leave her home because the midwife comes to the mother. This is much easier on a mother in labor and can barely move because the pain is so unpleasant.

If you have older children they are able to be there in the home while you deliver their new brother or sister and you never have to leave them.

The mother can lie in her own bed during labor and delivery, which is more comfortable than a hospital bed. It also gives the mother comfort because she is home and can relax better in her own bed between contractions.

Once the baby is born parents can enjoy every second with their baby because he or she is not taken to a nursery. Instead, the baby is cleaned up by the midwife and handed to the mother where he or she stays.

The Cons of Home Birth

A home birth can go seriously wrong in the blink of an eye. A mother could hemorrhage during the birth of her child putting her at risk for death especially if there is a delay in receiving emergency care. There is an even bigger risk if the midwife is unsure of handling an emergency.

Depending on your health insurance, it may or may not cover home birth deliveries.

Many midwives will fill out a birth certificate but some do not, which leaves this up to the parents.

There are no medications for pain during a home birth. If you cannot tolerate pain then a home birth may not be the right choice.

Is Home Birth the Right Choice?

Long before women gave birth in the hospital women did so at home. If the mother is in great health and can stand the pain associated with labor then a home birth may be the right choice. There is nothing more special than delivering your baby in the comfort of your own home.

Before considering home births consider all your options such as health and any potential things that can go wrong.

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