Is Child Birth at Home for You

This article examines the pros and cons of home child birth.

Is Child Birth at Home for You

Home child birth might be for you, if you have a normal pregnancy, with no medical or obstetrical risk factors. This article will examine the pros and cons of home child birth. There are both that you have to seriously consider.

Advantages at Home

  1. One of the biggest advantages of home child birth is being in a familiar surrounding. You will be more comfortable at home.
  2. More friends and family members can be present, during the birth process.
  3. No routine medical interventions.
  4. A major savings in money.
  5. Educate your other children on child birth.
  6. No false alarm trips to the hospital.
  7. In some cases, a more controlled environment. Privacy is guaranteed from strangers.

Disadvantages at Home

  1. Pregnancy complications; (breech birth, premature labor, preeclampsia, twins, no medication for labor pains, high blood pressure, diabetes problems, previous and possible c-sections and uterine surgery.
  2. No professionals on hand for assistance.
  3. Challenging clean up problems for someone else.
  4. No incubation tray for the newborn.
  5. Insurance considerations. Some insurances will not cover you for home births. They consider it a higher risk.
  6. If a problem develops, it could take longer to get medical assistance.

Other Considerations

Having child birth at home needs preparation. First, it is good to have a back up plan. If you need to go to the hospital, be prepared to do so. Take classes to prepare yourself for the event. You also need to have one or two qualified individuals on hand at your home. A baby doctor, nurse, midwife, physician and their assistants. You must have postpartum help. Any of these individuals should be licensed with experience. You also need to have all supplies on hand in advance. All items used should be sterilized. You should also have a vehicle ready for movement to a hospital. Finally, you should have a serious discussion with your doctor. They will always give you their best opinion.

Having a child birth at home is a great experience. It has been done many times before. There are many medical institutions that support the idea of child birth at home with certain reservations. The American Medical Association is against it.

In conclusion, have a solid back up plan that you can quickly switch to.

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