I Thought I was Pregnant AGAIN

My feelings on a possible unwanted pregnancy.

I Thought I was Pregnant AGAIN https://babycomingup.com/want-a-natural-birth-choosing-a-midwife-or-obstetrician"> k god I wasn't. I have 3 kids, 2 in diapers. I was a week late and all these crazy thoughts were running through my head. Could I have an abortion after having three beautiful children? I was looking at their faces, so amazing to me and wondering if I could destroy a life after seeing what my previous pregnancies had lead to? I knew I COULD NOT deal with another pregnancy, the hormones, the chaos, the money, all that shit and much more. Sleep deprivation, another being screaming their wants and needs, all day long. (and all night for the first year).

I had a tubal and many women have had babies after tubals. My doctor cut out an extra large section but you never know.

I wonder how women with no birth control deal.

So, now I'm back to trying to get in shape, looking for a job, writing kids books, enjoying my children, loving the fall weather. and not in any order of importance.

There is an intersection in the park where I live that I feel really needs another stop sign, I've been meaning to call about it, I'm curious how many close calls there have been there. Not good I tell ya.

I seriously need to block myself from facebook for a week, see if I get anything done!!

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