Guide to the Best Baby Shower Gifts

What moms to be are saying they want for shower gifts.

Guide to the Best Baby Shower Gifts

We don't have any children at the moment so when my wife was asked to go to a baby shower for a friend of hers it was important to know what moms to be want. So I did some asking around and here are the top 6 things they suggested.

Theme Gifts : Fill a diaper bag with diapers and wipes. Fill a Baby tub with tub toys and baby shampoo and lotion and a soft towel.

Life after Birth : Gift Certificates for MOM. Clothes, a day at the spa. What about dinner and a movie for mom and dad and offer to babysit.

Baby Proofing Items: Baby gates and electrical plugs

Handmade quilts or knitted receiving blanket

Toiletries - Baby Powder, Diaper rash creme, Baby Shampoo and Lotion

My wife opted to get her friend (who's having a girl) her first doll. It's not something that the baby can use right away, but it makes a nice addition to the baby's room. My wife said that the whole room when "awwweee!" A baseball and bat would make a great gift for a boy.

If you opt to buy baby clothes, stick to 6-12 months. The baby will outgrow the smaller clothes so fast.

A baby is a precious gift for a family.

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