Guessing Your Babys Sex

A review of different methods that expectant mothers use to guess the sex of their unborn child.

Guessing Your Babys Sex

For many women, maternal instincts offer assurances into the baby's sex. There are many old wives' tales and rumors circulating that advise on how to guess your baby's gender. The following is a look at the different ways that women use to predict whether their unborn child will be a boy or girl.

Carrying high in your abdominal area seeming to jut out of the ribs and end at the belly button is often a sign that a woman is carrying a boy, especially if the pregnancy is only visible from the front or side. On the other hand, low stomach protrusions and extremely sore hips are often a sign that a girl will be joining your family. Whether there is any truth to this, a high percentage of women put their faith in this prediction tool.

There are many other old wives' tales and tricks that many believe help guess your baby's sex:

All of these explanations are based on historic myths among a varying number of cultures. Whether they are true or not are debatable, but some women find that certain indicators do work. In the end, a strong percentage of mothers-to-be are able to determine their baby's sex by the feel of the infant's movements and the shape of their pregnant belly. Ultrasound and amniocentesis are the only true indicators of your baby's sex. Yet, these alternative methods can be fun to use if you still want to be surprised at the birth of your child.

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