Common Pregnancy Myths and Worries

Every woman wants what's best for her children, but it can be hard to know what to believe when you are pregnant. Everybody seems to tell you something different to do.

Common Pregnancy Myths and Worries

Every woman wants what's best for her children. This is why women start to worry about every little thing that they do when they are pregnant. Also, it can be hard to decide what to do and how to do it because everyone seems to tell you something different. A lot of the stuff that people tell you is really not true. It is very important that you know these common myths before you get too worried about them.

Usually, something that a pregnant woman worries about first is her morning sickness. When you get pregnant, most women have trouble keeping any food down at first. This makes them worry that the baby isn't getting enough nutrition. People may start to tell them that their baby is in danger and that they need to eat as much as they can. This isn't true though. Your body has enough nutrient stores to provide for the growing baby. However, if you start to lose weight or if you are sick for a long time then you should definitely see your doctor.

Something else that people may tell you while you are pregnant is not to have sex at all because you will hurt the baby. This is also not true. For most couples, it is perfectly fine to have sex during the pregnancy. There are only a few cases in which you should not have sex. If you are having a high risk pregnancy, experience vaginal bleeding, if you have placenta previa, if your membranes have ruptures, or if you have delivered prematurely previously then you should talk to your doctor before having sex. They will be able to decide what is best for you.

While you are pregnant, I'm sure that many people will tell you to never take acetaminophen for headaches. If you have a bad headache, it is actually okay to take this medication. Your baby will not be hurt by it. However, do not take it all the time.

Almost all women fall down at some point in their pregnancy. This usually causes the mother to panic that the baby is hurt. There is usually no need to worry though. A woman's body is meant to protect the baby. The baby can't get hurt very easily from falling down. If you fall directly on your abdomen, the baby may get hurt though. Just be on the look out to any vaginal bleeding or lose of amniotic fluid.

Another common pregnancy myth is not to exercise while you are pregnant. You can exercise while you are pregnant just as long as your heart rate doesn't go over 140. Some exercise is actually good for you and the baby because it makes both of you healthier.

Almost everyone today thinks that pregnant women cannot fly in airplanes. This isn't true though. As long as the cabin is pressurized, then there is nothing wrong with flying. When you fly, just make sure that you get up and walk around from time to time. Don't stay sitting the whole time or blood clots can form in your legs.

Something else that mothers worry about is how often they feel their baby kick. They tend to get concerned when their baby isn't kicking as much as other babies or is kicking a lot more than other babies. Some babies are just more active than others. There is nothing wrong with this. As long as you feel ten movements within six hours then I'm sure that your baby is perfectly fine.

Now that you are aware of these common myths and worries, you will be better prepared and will know what to believe when people start telling you different things. Just remember that you really can't be sure of anyone's advice except for your doctor's.

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