Birth Control

Birth control is a very important part of our country. However, it is not available to minors. This paper will explain why it should be.

Birth Control

I believe that birth control should not only be readily available for teenagers but should also be given free of charge. The number one reason for this is that it will help prevent some of the world's unwanted teen pregnancies. Also, it can help reduce the spread of HIV and STDs. Besides, most teenagers are going to have sex whether they are on birth control or not.

Birth control for teens can be very helpful in preventing unwanted pregnancies in many ways. One way is that it teaches teens to be more responsible about their bodies and their choices. It can also help them to understand the value of safe sex. By doing this, teenage birth control goes a very long way towards reducing the need for teenage abortions and adoptions. It can also help prevent babies from being dumped in the garbage by people too young and scared to have and take care of children.

There are some types of birth control on the market these days that also have the advantage of being able to reduce the spread of HIV and STDs. The most well-known types of birth control with this capability are condoms. There are condoms that are made for the male and the female body. These methods are clinically proven to be approximately 99% effective. However, they must be used 100% of the time, not just during intercourse.

Most teenagers will have sex whether or not they are given birth control. When their parents or authority figures tell them no, it just makes them want to do it more. Some feel as though the only person that has control over their bodies is themselves so they will do with it as they wish. The rest most likely do not care about the consequences of unprotected sex. In addition it is illogical and near impossible to watch teenagers 100% of the time so just because you don't know, doesn't mean they aren't doing it.

As I have explained, having free birth control readily available to teens is a very good idea. Despite what some parents believe it does not give teens permission to have sex but helps protect if they decide to. The birth control will help with the increasing population statistics in the world. Also, not giving it to them will not solve any of today's youth problems.

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