9 Weeks Pregnant How Big is My Baby

Find out how large your baby is during the ninth week of pregnancy.

9 Weeks Pregnant How Big is My Baby

By the time you are nine weeks pregnant, you're likely to feel many noticeable signs of pregnancy, although you haven't yet felt the baby's movements. Your baby is growing very rapidly at nine weeks from your last menstrual period-- in fact, his growth is so rapid that you would be able to see a difference after just a single day. If you're wondering how big your baby is eight weeks into pregnancy, read on.

The Baby's Exact Size

Your baby is seven weeks from conception when you are nine weeks pregnant. At this age, she is .9 inches long. By the end of the week, she will have grown to one-and-a-quarter inch in length from crown to rump. She also weighs a little less than one-tenth of an ounce. Although tiny, she is growing very quickly and will look more and more human as the days pass by.

An Nine-Week-Old Baby is the Size of...

You may need comparison, instead of numbers, to accurately visualize your nine-week-old baby. It's much easier to look at something the same size as your baby than to try visualize your pregnancy from figures alone. At nine weeks into your pregnancy, your baby is about the same size as a grape or a cooked kidney bean. She's about the same size as a nickel.

What the Baby Looks Like

A nine-week-old embryo doesn't yet look quite like a "real" baby, but she's growing baby-like features as each day passes. If you could look at her face, you would see tiny earlobes, a little mouth, and a nose with tiny nostrils. Her eyes are covered by her eyelids, which will stay shut for a few more months. She has small hands and feet with primitive fingers and toes. She is nearing the transition from "embryo" to "fetus" and has every organ necessary for survival.

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