18 Weeks Pregnant How Big is My Baby

If you're 18 weeks pregnant, find out how big your baby is and what she looks like.

18 Weeks Pregnant How Big is My Baby

Eighteen weeks into your pregnancy, you've nearly reached the halfway mark-- and your baby is just one month away from viability! Although you've probably got a nice bump and you're likely feeling some kicks and flutters, it may still be difficult to imagine what your baby looks like and how big she is.

The Baby's Exact Size

At the beginning of week 18, your baby measures 5.6 inches long from crown to rump. By the end of this week, she'll have grown to more than 6 inches. Remember that these measurements include only the baby's head and torso-- she'd be a lot longer if you measured all the way to her heel. A baby at 18 weeks will also weigh an impressive 6.7 ounces, growing to nearly 8.5 ounces by the end of the week.

A 18-Week-Old Fetus is the Size of...

Numbers alone can't always help you visualize your baby, but comparison might help. At 18 weeks, your baby weighs about the same as a sweet potato or a small papaya. Your baby's total length is about the same as the distance from the heel of your hand to the tip of your middle finger; she's roughly as long as a ballpoint pen. Due to her rapid growth, your feeling more and more movement in your womb as time goes on.

What the Baby Looks Like

18 weeks into your pregnancy, your baby looks more and more like a real human being. Her skin is growing a bit thicker, but you could see her blood vessels through her skin if you were to look inside. She's busy making facial expressions and testing all of her joints, and her bones are growing stronger. In just a few more weeks, she'll have a slim chance of outside-the-womb survival. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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